You are what you eat

    “If you want to know who you are, carefully study yourself inside and out. Study whom you spend time with, what you enjoy doing, what kind of influence you bring onto others, and what your priorities in life are. This will lead you to discover your true-self.”

    – Beopjeong seunim (1932-2010, a Korean monk respected for his lifetime practice of non-possession)

    What we eat makes up who we are at the most elemental level. A sheet of paper used to wrap incense smells like incense; but when the same piece of paper is used to wrap fish, it smells fishy. Food also has great influence on human being’s mind and body. What to eat and how to eat will determine the life style and attitude of a person and reveal the truth about our very existence. The tradition of monastic cuisine has been carried down by countless generations of Buddhist monks and nuns to our time and it beautifully exemplifies the Buddhism’s pursuit of compassion, peace and enlightenment at its best.