• December 14~16, 2017

  • NGI – 06:00PM ~ 09:00PM (3 hours)
    CTC – 11:00AM~02:00PM (3 hours), 05:00PM~08:00PM (3 hours)

  • NGI (Natural Gourmet Institute), Kitchen 3 (12/14~15/2017), (48 W 21st St #2, New York, NY 10010)
    CTC (Culinary Tech Center), Kitchen 1 (12/16/2017), (460 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001)

  • 120 attendees

Wookwan – Korean Temple Food Special Lecture & Cooking Class in New York

  • Invited Chef: Venerable Wookwan

Cooking Class Menu

  • Session 1 – Steamed Lotus Root and Walnut with Korean Soybean Paste, Sauted Chestnut and Bellflower Root, Dried Enoki Mushroom Salad
  • Session 2 – Braised Tofu with Bell Peppers, Glazed Sweet Potato and Nuts, Rehydrated Apple Salad

Wookwan’s Korean Temple Food: The Road to the Taste of Enlightenment

Wookwan's Korean Temple Food

Buddhist nun Wookwan breaks the boundaries of spiritual exercise and culinary practice in this first-of-its-kind meditative cookbook of Korean temple cuisine.

As the first volume of temple cuisine published in English, Wookwan herself has written a beautiful volume that introduces the reader to Korean temple food, including what it means to care for the ingredients at each step of preparation, following the three key principles of cooking temple food, interspersed with her own accounts and tips among her meticulous collection of 41 recipes.Techniques such as fermentation and creating natural extracts and broths are included in this cookbook, as well as ways to substitute ingredients that are more readily found to recreate the very flavors of the Dorak Mountains right at home.