Taste Korean Temple Food 2014


    Natural and healthy Food, Korean vegetarian food redefined

    New York City, the melting pot of the world, is about to add Korean Buddhist Temple foods to an already amazing list of shared international cuisines. Starting on June 23rd and continuing until July 1st, a series of cooking demonstrations, exclusive dinners and free sampling will be held at the acclaimed various locations.
    During the 4th century when Buddhism first spread to Korea from China, temple foods became a national mainstay shared by monks and non-monks, ultimately rising to a unique national cooking style based on the practice of compassion. Since ancient Korean people naturally adopted a vegetarian diet, the diverse array of vegetable dishes we find in modern Korean food can trace their origins to this historical background.
    Today, Korean Temple Food is receiving praise as the basis of a nutritious and well-balanced style of cooking. In fact, this method of cooking uses only organic ingredients and absolutely no processed foods. Only the purest, most natural ingredients are utilized in the preparation of this food; it is minimally cooked, lightly seasoned, and served in moderate quantities. In other words, this cuisine is not only something to be savored for flavor, but also as “medicine” that supports our bodies.
    Lastly, representatives for Korea will be available to answer questions and photography and videos will be on display to help attendees better understand the uniqueness of these temples which are nestled deeply in the mountains of Korea.