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It is truly a pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce traditional Korean Buddhist culture of 1,700 years through Korean templestay and temple food.

With the Korean templestay program, people can experience a monk’s life along with cherished traditions of Korean Buddhism. Moreover, Korean temple food is taken as a part of meditation, a practice of clearing out the body and the mind by consuming only the necessary amount. Taste of nature and gratitude for all beings are emphasized in Korean temple food, which embodies the spirit of harmonious co-existence between nature and all living creatures. With this humble temple food, we pray for peace in the world.

During the Korean Templestay and Temple Food Culture Week in New York City, everyone will have a chance to learn about the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and experience a part of traditional Korean culture. We prepared a range of activities, from mini workshops about templestay to temple food cooking demonstrations and tastings in NYC. In addition, various templestay activities are hosted by Korean Buddhist temples in New York and New Jersey area from the 24th through the 30th of September.

As you take part in this Cultural Week, we hope that you gain a better understanding of Korean Buddhist culture and become more interested in temple food and Korean culinary culture overall.

Thank you,



Ven. Soo Am
Director of Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism