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With honest, delicate flavors – BEOP SONG, Buddhist nun chef

Beop Song, currently residing in Yeongseonsa temple in Daejeon City, became a Buddhist nun under the tutelage of Venerable Seongkwan in 1996.

She has refined her practice of temple cooking with the guidance of master monks and nuns who have a deep foundational knowledge of the cuisine. Over the years, she has been actively sharing her expertise in Korean temple cooking both in practice and in paper so that people, whether Buddhist or not, can easily approach temple food and participate in its mindful cooking and eating.

Beop Song has been teaching Korean temple food at various institutions such as Dongguk University, Korean Temple Food Culture Experience Center, Temple Food Education Center, and Bongeunsa temple in Seoul to name a few. She hosted several FAM (familiarization) tours for chefs from all over the world, including Angelo Sosa (2013), Chef Kim So Hee of Kim Kocht, Vienna, Austria (2016) and Chef Joseph Lidgerwood from Australia (2017). She shared not only her knowledge of temple cooking but also its meditational spirit with these chefs.

On the academic side, Beop Song searched for the true meaning of temple food through the topic of  “A Study on the View of Buddhist Food in the Agama” at the graduate school of Dongguk University in Seoul. She has also written the temple food column “Beop Song’s Easy Dishes” in the Korean cooking magazine Essen (2013-2015) and published the cookbook Beop Song’s Table from Nature (October, 2015).