Event 2012

    Greetings from Bhiksu Popchin

    It is my sincere pleasure to have a chance to introduce you to Korean temple food, which provides a new experience to meet history, nature, and philosophy of the 1,700 year old Korean Buddhism. Within the Buddhist value system, eating takes on the significance of an “offering.” This embodies many profound meanings such as: Taking the minimal amount of food necessary for continued practice without developing any attachment to its taste or outer form: And using the energy obtained from the food for the benefit, peace, and happiness of all people.
    I sincerely hope that these events will be remembered as “An Offering for Life and Peace” through which we remind ourselves of the preciousness of our neighbors and all beings and offer a collective prayer to attain happiness together.
    I earnestly pray that the Buddha’s wisdom and radiant compassion be with all of you. Thank you!

    Bhiksu Popchin
    Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism

    In Reverence of Life and In Prayer for Peace

    The aim of Korean Temple Food Event is to introduce Korean temple food and cultures to New Yorkers. New York City is truly a unique melting-pot of ethnicities and cultures from all around the world. The introduction of Korean temple food to New York is a significant event when seen as a cultural exchange. The ages-old tradition of the Korean temples preserves the authentic culinary culture of Korea, while encompassing both Buddhist cultivation and Korea’s traditional heritage.

    Korean Temple Food in New York City

    New York, NY (June 12 – June 14 2012) – The Korean Temple Food week was held at the Astor Center in New York. The event was host by Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Service New York. For the 3 day event, star chefs in New York, other culinary professionals, and various media personnel were invited to attend for a unique experience of Korean temple food and culture.

    Zen-sational Reception

    The first Temple Food Event took place in September of 2010, when approximately 300 American gourmet chefs and media personnel attended a “Korean Temple Food Day” event in Manhattan. They had a chance to sample Buddhist delicacies that had been prepared by Korean Buddhist monks and nuns who specialize in the temple food. The event recieved enthusiastic praise from all the New Yorkers, who attended. We looked to stage an even more successful event this time around.

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