• September 16, 2010

  • 12:30PM ~ 2:00PM

  • The Culinary Institute of America, The Danny Kaye Theater (1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY 12538)
  • 150 guests

2010 Cooking Demonstration at The Culinary Institute of America

  • Main Chefs: Venerable Jeok Moon, Venerable Sun Jae, Venerable Dae An, Venerable Woo Gwan, Venerable Jeong Kwan
  • Assistant Chefs: Jae Duck Jung, Ji Hee Hwang

Demonstration Menu

  • Three Colored Lotus Root Rice (Chef: Venerable Jeok Moon)
  • Tofu & Burdock: boiled down in soy sauce or other seasonings (Chef: Venerable Seon Jae)
  • Dessert – Sweet Pumpkin Tofu (Chef: Venerable Dae An)